General Questions

  1. What is Seller’s Edge?

    Seller’s Edge has been developed specifically for agricultural retail sellers that sell crop inputs – Seed, Crop Protection, Plant Health, Fertility, Equipment, Capital, Risk Management – to growers in the mid-west that primarily grow broad acre crops — Corn, Soy, Wheat, Sunflowers, Forages.

    Seller’s Edge is a platform that connects professional agricultural field sellers to relevant news, insights and resources specifically designed to sharpen the skills required to bring the “most” value to the growers they serve.

  2. How do I get access to Seller’s Edge?

    Seller’s Edge is offered to clients on a subscription bases. A company purchases a desired number of subscriptions for their team. An administrator will setup the user accounts and an email will be sent to the user with access credentials and instructions to access Seller’s Edge.

  3. What does my team have access to with a subscription to Seller’s Edge?

    Users will have access to a variety of content to help prepare and be informed of relevant happenings in the agriculture industry. These include:

  • Self-paced educational modules. Video based training that is short and to the point to match skill development needs to a best-in-class professional sales competency model.
  • Subscribers that engage with Seller’s Edge will have access to The Trend – daily editorial commentary from FLM+ experts focused on helping professional sellers interpret and put to work Ag news from Farm Journal and Ag / rural policy news from an exclusive relationship with AgriPulse.
  • Current and local markets
  • Ag News of the day from Farm Journal Media
  • Ag policy news of the day from AgriPulse

Technical Questions

  1. I forgot my Password, what should I do?

    Passwords can reset by going to the landing page of the site and clicking on the “Forgot Password” link. Then follow the on-screen instructions. For further assistance, please submit a help ticket from the “Request Support” link in the Help section.

  2. What are the software requirements for accessing Seller’s Edge and supporting content?

    Systems with these minimum requirements should be able to access courses properly:

    • Operating Systems (minimum): Windows XP / Mac OS X (version 10.5)
    • Mac OS Web Browsers (minimum): Safari (v5) / Chrome (v19) / Firefox (v12)
    • Windows Web Browsers (minimum): Internet Explorer (v8.0) / Chrome (v19) / Firefox (v12)
  3. Will Seller’s Edge work on my mobile device?

    Yes. The Seller’s Edge platform and content are built with a responsive design to automatically conform to mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. The system supports both Android devices as well as Apple devices.


  1. What type of content is available on Seller’s Edge?

    Seller’s Edge has Ag News, Ag policy news, markets, training materials, and support materials which complement training.

  2. What News feeds are available?

    Through partnerships with Farm Journal Magazine and AgriPulse, we are able to provide access to daily news feeds focused on the agriculture industry and agriculture policy.

  3. What is The Trend?

    The Trend highlights three nationally recognized experts in field marketing and sales force development — Dr. Dave Ash, David Parker and Dr. Jaye Hanby. They provide a daily editorial commentary focused on helping professional sellers interpret and put to work Ag news from Farm Journal and Ag / rural policy news from an exclusive relationship with AgriPulse.

  4. How will Seller’s Edge help me or my team?

    “…Seller’s Edge is a resource my sellers need now more than ever to have the confidence and insights required to earn a seat at the table with the growers important to our future…”

    “….My sellers ask better questions and gain deeper relationships by being prepared for each meeting because of Seller’s Edge”

    Sales leaders will add Seller’s Edge to the mix of training and development solutions to ensure their teams have the resources to be confident and relevant in every grower/client relationship.


  1. How do I buy Seller’s Edge?

    Seller’s Edge is an online platform which is accessed through a subscription to the system. Each user must have a subscription to access the platform. A company will fill out a purchase agreement requesting a specific number of subscriptions for their company. Our system administrator will invoice you for the subscriptions and setup your corporate account. Once setup, your manager(s) will be able to add users to the system until the number of purchased subscriptions has been reached.

    Click Here for a copy of the purchase agreement.

    Completed purchase agreements can be sent to support@wideopenthinking.com for processing or you can contact our site administrators at (888) 787-4050.

  2. If I need additional subscription for my team, what do I do?

    You will be able to add additional subscription licenses to your corporate account if necessary. Simply contact the system administrator at support@wideopenthinking.com or (888) 787-4050 and they will increase the subscription threshold so you can add additional users.